diyar.ım is a modern educational platform. Our main purpose is to make an education for Crimean Tatar more available and free.
But we don't want to talk about that idea a lot. We just implement that idea to life.
If you have the opportunity to help develop our idea, please contact us, and if you want to learn more about our activities and our plans tap here.
Any of your contributions is very valuable to us.
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Our purposes


We do our best to make the content as useful and informative as possible, because knowledge is the engine of progress.


We are always working on expanding of the functionality, gathering and adding of a new content and don't even think to slow down.


We believe that our work will help many Crimean Tatars learn more about who they are and about the importance of unity in their future.

Join us!

Diyar is daily developing and expanding extensively. And this process has no end, because we constantly have new ideas concerning to various useful features. Let's invent new features and extend Diyar with us!

I'm with you!

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