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“...Each nation must speak its own language, know its own history, and honor its own culture. These are factors that have always rallied and united people, making them accomplish feats and gain victories. If a nation forgets these factors, it dissolves, ceases to exist. And the only nation which knows and respects the root causes that determine the nation itself is able to improve its language, maintain its culture and create its own history...”

Nowadays, the web space, to put it mildly, has few information about Crimean Tatar people. Materials that exist today and articles that are collected bit by bit are the result of a clearly underestimated hard work, and their authors surely deserve our deep and sincere respect.

However, there is an obvious lack of a resource that is able to provide comprehensive coverage of the history of Crimean Tatar people and their culture. Materials that are available to find, a user is forced to take from many different sources and collect it in a single one by his own. A similar situation is with the possibility of learning the Crimean Tatar language on the Internet.

We are the team of young initiative people who sharply and critically perceive the current situation in the information space.

Because of the need to solve the aforementioned problem, we developed diyar.ım - a website dedicated to the study and popularization of the Crimean Tatar language, history and culture. Here we collect and organize the information about Crimean Tatars. In order to do this, we use both Internet resources and any paper media that we can seek and digitize.

Simplicity and clarity

In addition to collecting and structuring the information, we strive to present it for users in the most simple and understandable way. In our deep conviction, the information on our website should be comprehensive and intelligible.

Development and expansion

The main task is to expand  our shared information space, to supplement the electronic library with both fiction and educational literature written in the Crimean Tatar language and to enrich the Crimean Tatar dictionary with new words and translations.

Free access

The information on our website is absolutely free and does not provide for monetization or paid services. In no case we do not underestimate efforts and works of people who put up their creations about Crimean Tatar people for sale. On the contrary, we admire their perseverance and ingenuity, and also respect the work they have done deeply. However, at the same time, we sincerely believe that our users should and must have free access to the widest possible range of information about Crimean Tatar language, culture, history, religion, geography and so on.


Using modern design trends and methods, we try to maintain an attractive design and provide a convenient interface so that users and guests of our website feel as comfortable as possible.


Our activities and global goals do not have a competitive focus. On the contrary, we are striving to create a unified resource with the most detailed information about the most diverse fields of life of the Crimean Tatar people. We are always ready for cooperation and to provide all possible assistance and support to other projects. is a shared national asset and any contribution to the common cause always becomes invaluable. If you have any suggestions for improving the website or replenishing it with your own content, then we will listen to such proposals with great pleasure and do our best to bring them to life with high quality and speed.


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